Who Am I?

My name is Vishant Poeran.
I am a powerlifter, software engineer and writer from Suriname, South America.

Powerlifting is a sport that consists over 3 lifts: Squat, Bench Press and the Deadlift.
I work a full time job at i-Frontier Software Solutions. Beside that I am a freelance web developer and social media editor.
My hobbies are working, lifting, being with the people I love and reading books.

This page is not only about me and it intended for people of all ages (whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever you do) and the main purpose is to spread a flow of energy that can get people fueled and keep doing good stuff.
The main purpose is that we support each other to become better with whatever we’re doing.

As the owner of this site I will never allow violent language or harassment of anyone.

I don’t have any intention to be a personal coach or to criticize people.
I will give my best to answer questions and always provide options that I would take.
I will include information of friends and others who support me, in this page. If needed I will consult people I know to provide solutions if I can’t supply one.

A short summary of my powerlifting journey:
I started with fitness in 2011 at home. Soon I started training at a local gym called Power Gym.
In 2013 a couple of friends suggested that I participated in a powerlifting meet. I finished 3rd in the class < 70 kg with a body-weight of 59 kg.
After that I switched to full powerlifting training. In 2014 I did another meet and won the class <66 kg with a body-weight of 64 kg.
In that same year I participated in the nationals and won the class < 67.5 kg with a body-weight of 62 kg. In that meet I also won the best lifters prize.
I did the same in 2015 with a body-weight of 63 kg.

I want to thank the man above for everything. Special thanks to everyone who supports me in any way.

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