Video: Your life matters

You are someone
You are special
You are needed
And your life matters
~ Vishant

Since I’ve started writing I got a lot of messages from people who were tired of life. Although they had enough, they still fought and asked for help.
With time I kept getting messages from people who needed some hope. It struck me that there are a lot of people who lost all hope but did not speak up. This video was planned a while back. Back than I did not have the resources to bring my message in such a way. I wrote some posts, but I knew that a video would be easier to understand and it would be more personal.

I hope that this message gives you hope. Still if you need hope, you can get hope here.

Suicide may seem to stop every pain, but it’s not the answer.

Thanks to Tony Choy for making this video happen. You’re truly a gift!

Outro song: Until It Breaks – Datsik Remix (Linkin Park, from the album Recharged)

15 things to keep in mind when going through a break-up

Heartbreak is something that everyone will go through at some point in their life. It will feel like all the light within you is lost and you feel empty and lonely. ~ Vishant

Over the past few years I’ve been contacted by and spoken with a lot of people who were going through a break-up. After hearing their stories, I was somewhat able to provide some advice. I know that there must be a great number of people going through heartbreak silently, without ever uttering a word to anyone. Which is why I’m writing this article.

One of the infinite stories about heartbreak
At the beginning of last year one of my best friends was going through a break up. His relationship had ended after almost 10 years. Break up was not something new for him, because he had been through one five years before, with the same person. But having been in that situation before did not make it easier. This time it was even more difficult.

An open letter to those who had a difficult year

This is your life, these are your dreams and your choices. Don’t allow bad moments to label you and make you give up. With time, effort and belief in yourself, you will make it. ~ Vishant

I am dedicating this article primarily to students who were less successful in their academic endeavors this year. This article is also applicable to anyone going through a difficult period.

Before I start off with my letter, I want to share a quick story with you. A story of a good friend of mine, named Giovanni. I got acquainted with Giovanni 10 years ago at the Student Excellence Awards event. He graduated as the best student from Havo Ⅱ and I was from Natin. Since then, Gio and I have been good friends.
Gio was an excellent student, which he had been for the greater part of his life. But he also went through a lot of downs in life. Right after he graduated to high school (Lyceum II), he got acquainted with freedom that comes along in this stage of life. His focus shifted and he could not handle the freedom very well. He spent a lot of time with his friends and was hanging in the streets most of the time. Because of this, his school results took a turn for the worse. After three years Gio got expelled from high school. In addition to this, he got his girlfriend pregnant. So he became a father at the age of 19, with no academic credentials nor job.
Shortly after the birth of his son, he enrolled at Havo II and resumed school again. It was not an easy task, but he was determined to take responsibility for his child and was willing to give it his all. After Havo II Gio studied ICT, which he knew little about. But he had a strong drive and was willing to learn. It’s been 10 years now and I can say that Gio is a father who leads by example, a good friend and, from my point of view, one of the best software engineers in Suriname.


Video: Rise, The Motivational Message

When life hits us, we can either run from it or take it as it is, learn from it and let it make us grow stronger and better than before. ~ Vishant

This motivational message is my story and is based on true events. The video is made by Sander Coumou and directed by Rafael Chan.
My intention with this video is to share my setbacks, suffering and comeback. We all go through downs in life, but not all of us are willing to share their pain and experiences. I did and want to tell you that with time, patience and effort you can overcome all that holds us back. This is a gift from me to you and from heart to heart.


The comeback of Vishant “Superman” Poeran

I’m thankful for all that I’ve lost and gained. I appreciate everything as it is. I will crawl and move forward. For death is the only thing that can stop me. ~ Vishant

A Dutch version of this article was recently published on the website of SME Sport; some adjustments have been made in this version by my friend Sasha.

After missing out on the National Powerlift Championships in 2016 due to an injury and personal circumstances, Vishant “Superman” Poeran made his comeback at the National Powerlift Championships on July 22nd 2017 with a boom.

Discovering the powers of my Mind: How I went from Scrawny to Superman

If today would be my last day I would gladly accept it, because I live each day to provide myself and this world with the best version of myself ~ Vishant

How often do we want to start a new journey but something or someone keeps holding us back? Self-doubt, worrying what others might think and fear of failure just gets the better of us. In this article I write about a mentality I developed in order to transform myself physically and mentally, which at first seemed impossible. I was being pushed around and judged, felt lost, blamed others for things I couldn’t do, had very negative thoughts about my physical appearance which in my head was a constant barrier to not participate in anything sports-related. Until one day, it dawned upon me what I was doing to myself. I realized that I am the sculptor of my own future and goals and that dreaming only would not get me anywhere. I bring to you: Discovering the powers of my Mind: How I went from Scrawny to Superman.

Why the fear of failure should not hold you back when reaching for success

Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. Believe in yourself. Do what you love. And most importantly, be kind to others, even if you don’t like them. ~ Stacy London

An article worth delaying
I should have finished this article a month ago, but I had other priorities. A few people I know were either ill or being operated on, so I spent most of the time checking on them and trying to be present if possible. One person was in a pretty bad condition due to a disease, cancer. As I’m writing this article, I’m sad and also happy that person who battled cancer is no more. Sometimes death is the only way out when dealing with such diseases. This shows us again how short and precious life is and how it can turn around and end. So why not live a life that matters and live fearlessly. I dedicate this article to this person who lost his life battling cancer. The way you enjoyed life and the way you dealt with this disease gave me a lot of strength and courage to finish this article. This one is for you Raoul, always in the heart.

Three simple things to keep in mind when climbing your way up to success

No one knows what greatness you have. It’s all on the inside. No one can discover that for you, except you. You and only you have access to that part. We often depend on opinions of others to tell us what we can or can’t do. ~ Vishant

I had the honor to give an inspirational / motivational speech to the Future Leaders and Entrepreneurs (FLAERS) 2016 on the 23rd of September 2016. I refer to them as the “shapers”.

This programme is organized by the Global Shapers Paramaribo and consists of motivated young adults who are working on the reconstruction of the country. Not only to grow locally, but also internationally. By encouraging Surinamese enterprises to invest or help improve young people and communities, Shapers strive to leave a better world for the next generation.

Mosque and Synagoge

To you with a different Religion: why I love you for who you are

All religions must be tolerated… for every man must get to heaven in his own way

Last week I requested Harvey Lisse to shoot this picture for me of the Mosque and Synagogue in Paramaribo. I wanted to write about something deeper than it is often seen.
First of all, this is one awesome picture!
Everyone knows the story behind this picture. The image shines peace and shows two places where people from different religions worship side by side. That’s just one side of the story. In our country these two buildings never caused any issue (for so far I know). These two buildings can be compared with two people from different religions. Of course buildings don’t speak while people do. Problems arise when one thinks that their religion is superior from others. It usually boils down to the following immemorial argument: I’m right and you’re wrong. My religion is The Truth. (more…)