Video: Your life matters

You are someone
You are special
You are needed
And your life matters
~ Vishant

Since I’ve started writing I got a lot of messages from people who were tired of life. Although they had enough, they still fought and asked for help.
With time I kept getting messages from people who needed some hope. It struck me that there are a lot of people who lost all hope but did not speak up. This video was planned a while back. Back than I did not have the resources to bring my message in such a way. I wrote some posts, but I knew that a video would be easier to understand and it would be more personal.

I hope that this message gives you hope. Still if you need hope, you can get hope here.

Suicide may seem to stop every pain, but it’s not the answer.

Thanks to Tony Choy for making this video happen. You’re truly a gift!

Outro song: Until It Breaks – Datsik Remix (Linkin Park, from the album Recharged)

15 things to keep in mind when going through a break-up

Heartbreak is something that everyone will go through at some point in their life. It will feel like all the light within you is lost and you feel empty and lonely. ~ Vishant

Over the past few years I’ve been contacted by and spoken with a lot of people who were going through a break-up. After hearing their stories, I was somewhat able to provide some advice. I know that there must be a great number of people going through heartbreak silently, without ever uttering a word to anyone. Which is why I’m writing this article.

One of the infinite stories about heartbreak
At the beginning of last year one of my best friends was going through a break up. His relationship had ended after almost 10 years. Break up was not something new for him, because he had been through one five years before, with the same person. But having been in that situation before did not make it easier. This time it was even more difficult.

Why the fear of failure should not hold you back when reaching for success

Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. Believe in yourself. Do what you love. And most importantly, be kind to others, even if you don’t like them. ~ Stacy London

An article worth delaying
I should have finished this article a month ago, but I had other priorities. A few people I know were either ill or being operated on, so I spent most of the time checking on them and trying to be present if possible. One person was in a pretty bad condition due to a disease, cancer. As I’m writing this article, I’m sad and also happy that person who battled cancer is no more. Sometimes death is the only way out when dealing with such diseases. This shows us again how short and precious life is and how it can turn around and end. So why not live a life that matters and live fearlessly. I dedicate this article to this person who lost his life battling cancer. The way you enjoyed life and the way you dealt with this disease gave me a lot of strength and courage to finish this article. This one is for you Raoul, always in the heart.