Video: Rise, The Motivational Message

When life hits us, we can either run from it or take it as it is, learn from it and let it make us grow stronger and better than before. ~ Vishant

This motivational message is my story and is based on true events. The video is made by Sander Coumou and directed by Rafael Chan.
My intention with this video is to share my setbacks, suffering and comeback. We all go through downs in life, but not all of us are willing to share their pain and experiences. I did and want to tell you that with time, patience and effort you can overcome all that holds us back. This is a gift from me to you and from heart to heart.


The comeback of Vishant “Superman” Poeran

I’m thankful for all that I’ve lost and gained. I appreciate everything as it is. I will crawl and move forward. For death is the only thing that can stop me. ~ Vishant

A Dutch version of this article was recently published on the website of SME Sport; some adjustments have been made in this version by my friend Sasha.

After missing out on the National Powerlift Championships in 2016 due to an injury and personal circumstances, Vishant “Superman” Poeran made his comeback at the National Powerlift Championships on July 22nd 2017 with a boom.

Discovering the powers of my Mind: How I went from Scrawny to Superman

If today would be my last day I would gladly accept it, because I live each day to provide myself and this world with the best version of myself ~ Vishant

How often do we want to start a new journey but something or someone keeps holding us back? Self-doubt, worrying what others might think and fear of failure just gets the better of us. In this article I write about a mentality I developed in order to transform myself physically and mentally, which at first seemed impossible. I was being pushed around and judged, felt lost, blamed others for things I couldn’t do, had very negative thoughts about my physical appearance which in my head was a constant barrier to not participate in anything sports-related. Until one day, it dawned upon me what I was doing to myself. I realized that I am the sculptor of my own future and goals and that dreaming only would not get me anywhere. I bring to you: Discovering the powers of my Mind: How I went from Scrawny to Superman.