How a simple act of kindness can mean the world to someone

Because that’s what kindness is. It’s not doing something for someone else because they can’t, but because you can. ~ Andrew Iskander

The love for hospitals
This year I visited the hospitals more than the cinema. I find that somewhat pretty awesome, because I like to visit people who are ill. Hospitals feel like home, I enjoy it there. Maybe because it’s in my genetics that’s why I love it that much. Is it because my mother is a nurse who spends more than sixty hours a week in the hospital or because my father is the most generous man I know? Or is it because I always wanted to be a doctor or I’m a fan of people in the medical care?

This year I visited more than twelve people, which of only two were relatives. The others are those that I heard about and just wanted to be present, mostly as a stranger. My goal is to be there when people need it the most. I often tell people that they can invite me whenever they have a difficult time instead or when all is well. That’s when people need support the most. I like to talk (a lot) and give them some words of encouragement or sometimes I just shut myself up and listen. I taught myself that, because we are always ready to be the advisor without even listening and understanding the other. Being there can mean the world to them.

A simple act of kindness
During the period June-July I visited the Intensive Care Unit daily. Some people who were like family to me had someone, who they loved dearly, hospitalized there. I saw a lot of people sitting outside the ICU. Some were sleeping, praying, crying or just sitting in peace. The only thing I could do was to give them a sign to hold on and be strong. Sometimes I had a conversation with them. One night during that period I had a conversation with a woman, whose father was hospitalized in the ICU and was in a critical condition. She told me that she flew in from French Guyana, because of the bad situation her father was going through. The only thing that I could tell her was to keep faith and be strong, because her father needed her more than ever. She asked me if I could call her a cab and show her the way out. Instead I walked with her and waited with her for the cab. Before she left in the cab she said “merci” almost ten times. Well, I was happy that I could help her out.

An unexpected response
Five months later I received a call from someone that asked me if I called a cab for a woman at the hospital a while ago. It took me a while before I answered yes. She asked me if she could forward my number to that woman, because she wanted to call me. I told her that it would be no problem. A week ago I received a call from that woman and she asked me if I can visit her, because she brought me a gift. I did what I could and that was nothing special right? I could not believe this and I asked some friends what to do. In the end my father told me that some simple things really mean something special for them and they can’t do back for you what you did for them. Instead they give you a gesture. He was right, so we visited her yesterday. Her father, who was hospitalized, greeted us warmly. He looked in pretty good shape too. He told me that his daughter likes to give simple gestures to people who reach out. It’s a pretty awesome feeling that the simplest things you do for people can mean so much. I don’t drink alcohol and rarely eat chocolate (don’t be hating now), but there are plenty of people who will enjoy it. For me the gesture was more than enough.

The floor is yours
It’s possible that you may have times where you have no idea what to do in a certain situation and guess what? That is normal, because we don’t have solutions for everything. Speak up, someone with a possible solution might hear you and help you out. Before we can receive, we first need to give. Although you may go through a difficult period you are still able to do little things for others that will also make you feel better, because it’s natural. You don’t need much to smile at someone or hold a door open for someone. These days the focus is so much on the big things that we often forget the little things and these will always make someone feel the warmth on the inside. The gift of kindness and love. In the end, isn’t that what we are here for…always give more than you take.

Thanks to Shanillia for screening and correcting my article.

Be kind, be humble and give your best,
Vishant Poeran



  1. Good stuff! Keep it up!

  2. Enjoyed resding this! Thanks for spreading the love :))

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  3. ❤ it

  4. Inspiring! This is what Suriname and the world need…..

  5. Each and every word came right from the heart! Super!!!
    Just keep sharing such messages to the world! This is stuff we need to read, make others read and then learn something from it. Keep spreading love and kindness. Thank you!


  6. Reminder om goed te blijven. Ook voor mensen die op mijn zenuwen werken. Thanx!

  7. Such a nice story!

  8. This brought tears into my eyes.. Thank you for whatever you are doing. Keep it up

  9. Hey Vishant you are motivating me and others. I am very pleased to have met with the “Superman” from our world. For this world needs more heroes like you and it all starts with one right!
    Your act of kindness has made a positive change in these people lives. I hope you will continue what you are doing.
    I am a proud father of a daughter that has thalassemia(Thalassemia is a blood disorder passed down through families (inherited) in which the body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen. The disorder results in large numbers of red blood cells being destroyed, which leads to anemia). That means that i bring her to the hospital on a regular basis, mostly on sundays for almost a whole day. I am trying to find some talents in me so that i can entertain my child while waiting for the blood tranfusion to take place.

    greetings from my family especially my girl, Asiyah

  10. Well written and a beautiful message for all. Keep the good work up!

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