Video: Rise, The Motivational Message

When life hits us, we can either run from it or take it as it is, learn from it and let it make us grow stronger and better than before. ~ Vishant

This motivational message is my story and is based on true events. The video is made by Sander Coumou and directed by Rafael Chan.
My intention with this video is to share my setbacks, suffering and comeback. We all go through downs in life, but not all of us are willing to share their pain and experiences. I did and want to tell you that with time, patience and effort you can overcome all that holds us back. This is a gift from me to you and from heart to heart.

Why a motivational message?
After my competition in 2015 I felt like I should do something back. Something for those who are going through difficult times and those who are uncertain.
I started writing and came up with the idea to bring my messages through motivational videos. I contacted my friend Quincy Lisse, who is an artist in making videos.
Within a short period we produced our first motivational video (January 2016), Upholding the Standard.

A summary of my story
Since the beginning of 2016 I was going through a lot of downs. Some of my personal problems were giving me sleepless nights, which had an effect on my work and training. I suffered an injury and had to withdraw from all competition, which I trained 11 months prior. It was in that period which I learned to be calm when there was a storm and to accept certain things which I cannot fight against. I knew from that very moment that I would come back and I would be better. I told myself that I would use my story to inspire others. I accepted my suffering, which gave my suffering a meaning. That was to give hope. For me suffering ceased to be suffering than.
My injury posed a significant obstacle to my training regime and I turned to Bastiaan de Boer (BoeroeSwing Paramedische Praktijk) to obtain rehabilitation success. In order to prepare for the 2017 National Powerlift Championships I received further professional support from physiotherapists from Physiocare and an American therapist, dr. Ali Pourpezheshege.
I did not feel 100% ready or fit, but I learnt from other top athletes that reaching that state is quite uncommon and that sometimes one has to learn to train with small injuries or around them. A lesson he also learnt recently is that character is not what you show when things go smoothly, but when plans fall apart.

Using my downs as fuel to give hope
I was training again and I wanted to shoot a short motivational video to confirm my comeback. My friend, who initially shot my first motivational video, went to the Netherlands. I looked around for someone else who could help me out. In February I contacted Dino Kappel, who was in the casting of a project which they were shooting nearby my work. I showed him the previous motivational video and asked him who could help me with something similar. He immediately suggested Sander Coumou, a cinematographer born in the Netherlands but lives in Suriname. I contacted Sander in march and he invited me to talk about the project. He also asked me some background information and told me to give him some time. He got back at me and told me about our mutual values and goals. He suggested to go outside of the box, to make a short movie. Sander brought along a team consisting of Rafael Chan, a no nonsense director. We worked on a story line and started shooting in May. We shot the video in 3 days. Sander and his team worked on the editing and sound.

Want to read more on my comeback? Read The comeback of Vishant “Superman” Poeran.

Thanks to:

  • The Cinematography team: Sander Coumou, Rafael Chan, Fausto Fraser, Isabella
  • Bastiaan de Boer of BoeroeSwing Paramedische Praktijk
  • Dino Kappel: for connecting me with Sander
  • Etes Vario: for the design work
  • Giornic Graham and Giovanni Madari: for keeping this site up and running
  • i-Frontier NV: for letting me shoot at work
  • Karan Gokoel: for inspiring me each day
  • Kavish Rambali: for being there when needed
  • Renato Martodimedjo: for screening of the script
  • Simon Noerdjan: for being there when needed
  • And my family: for supporting me all the way


Your life matters,
Vishant Poeran


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  1. Dank je, Vishant!! Delen van wat je meemaakt, van wat je leert van het leven en van wat je kracht geeft, is heel bijzonder. Zo inspireer je anderen om niet op te geven of slechts te klagen over wat niet goed is, maar om jezelf te verheffen en te geloven dat God altijd zoveel meer geven kan, zolang je zelf maar blijft geloven in de veerkracht van het leven. Prachtige video!!

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