Three simple things to keep in mind when climbing your way up to success

No one knows what greatness you have. It’s all on the inside. No one can discover that for you, except you. You and only you have access to that part. We often depend on opinions of others to tell us what we can or can’t do. ~ Vishant

I had the honor to give an inspirational / motivational speech to the Future Leaders and Entrepreneurs (FLAERS) 2016 on the 23rd of September 2016. I refer to them as the “shapers”.

This programme is organized by the Global Shapers Paramaribo and consists of motivated young adults who are working on the reconstruction of the country. Not only to grow locally, but also internationally. By encouraging Surinamese enterprises to invest or help improve young people and communities, Shapers strive to leave a better world for the next generation.

My definition of “shaping the world” is not shaping the world but shaping the people. The world itself is perfect as it is.

I was given liberty to talk on any topic for about one hour. I assume that most people expected me to talk about sports, but I chose different.
I chose to talk about health and why you should put health in the first place if you want to be successful. I won’t write about that today, because that is a whole other story (and it’s not that short). I already made a start on writing that article. In the envelope below I keep all my notes that will lead to an article.


On the 21st of October, on the day the FLAERS would receive their certificates, I got invited and got the chance to give a pep talk for ten minutes.
I had two days to think of a topic. My goal was to give the “shapers” something to take home and which they could use / implement any day and anywhere.
I wanted to share that with you today, because it can be used by anyone and that would give me a chance to publish an article after a long period.

I write for you “the three simple things to keep in mind when climbing your way up to success”….

1. Make use of the basic principles / values of life.
To start shaping the world we first need to shape ourselves and make the best out of ourselves. Some of the basic principles / values are honesty, sincerity, respect, treat each other correctly. These may sound like mainstream words, but when I look around I can see that these principles are missing. In our society you’ll see people in the highest position with the best degrees, but lack these basic principles and values. A simple example is the way members of our Parliament interact with each other.

2. Don’t outsource your happiness.
A lot of people have the habit to outsource their happiness. They need to hear how beautiful they are or how important they are in order to be happy/ experience happiness.
When they hear those words, only then they are happy and have a good day, else not. We can’t control what is beyond our locus of control, which should be enough reason not to let others validate you.
Validate yourself and know your worth. Whatever people tell you may be a confirmation, but remains their opinion. It’s important to pick up things you can build from, everything else doesn’t matter. The goal here is to focus on getting to know yourself and what you stand for. You have more potential and talent than you are aware of and everything you need is already in you. The only thing you need to do is to discover it and make use of it. In some cases people can help you discover your potential ONLY if you let them. Heightening self-awareness through self reflection, will allow you to gain more control over your reactions. How we react to other people and our surroundings is ultimately what we can control and will provide in-depth knowledge of one self.

3. Give more than you take.
Our society teaches us to study, get a job, raise a family and get a house. In most cases making money is the ultimate goal. I find that money is a part of life, but should not be the ultimate goal. Making money as ultimate goals will only lead you to make more money, because it will never be enough. It’s just like a spilling gas on fire; the more you spill, the bigger the fire gets.
The ultimate goal should be the people: family, friends, relationships, etc. I can say that no one on their deathbed is thinking about all the wealth he owns. Instead he thinks about the relationships and also longs for that. Furthermore we need to contribute; contribute to those who need it the most. We need to speak for those who cannot speak, hear for those who cannot hear, see for those who cannot see, walk for those who cannot walk, be parents for the children who don’t have parents and be children for the parents that don’t have children.

Closing thoughts
With the basics here we can present the best version of ourselves. By working together as a team we can reach higher heights and excel even more.
Maybe and maybe if we work hard enough we might get the chance to rule the country and really take responsibility. The goal is to do it together and not bring anyone down.
Forgive those who did wrong and teach them how it should be done and give them the chance to do it better.

Keep in mind that there is enough success out there for everyone, so don’t eat your heart out when someone achieves success. You don’t know what they’ve been through and how hard they’ve worked. Sometimes all we see is the success someone achieves, not the struggles.

Leave your comments, share your thoughts and share it with someone who can use it as a source of inspiration.

Thanks to Sasha for screening and correcting my story and the team of FLAERS for the pictures.

Be kind, be humble and give your best,
Vishant Poeran


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